Monday, August 8, 2016

Upcycling with Indigo Dye Part One

I recently bought a dress on a clearance rack. It was ivory and adorable, but it's pale color made me think of a night shirt, so after I wore it once, I decided I would dye it. While looking at various options and fell in love with the indigo dye kits I saw. I mean - fascinated! I think it was because it was the beginning of summer and I had just returned from the beach. I was in love with blue and white.

So, I ordered this indigo dye kit.  I liked the fact that it was all natural and so ancient. While I waited for it to arrive, I went to the thrift store for some white pieces to experiment with.

I found a white Lucky Brand long sleeve shirt that I loved just as it was... but alas, I had to offer it up for the experiment. I also found an Old Navy spaghetti strap cotton cami . Again - I loved it as it was but had to use it. 

Aren't they just gorgeous? When my sister-in-law heard of my adventure - she offered up several willing victims. So, I read up on the Shibori tie die methods. The folding, the wrapping on poles, the threading - all of it. I gathered all my pieces up one morning and began folding, wrapping and tying everything up. A friend gave me a large PCV pipe to use, and I found a smaller spare rod so I could try different things.  Here's my pile of willing victims.

So, I moved this experiment outside. I had a tin tub, and a large white bucket. I mixed the dye according to directions and let it set.  The following are some random photos my daughter took while I worked.

Notice the green color? It changed color as the air gets to it.

Below is one of the pieces I wrapped around a large pole. 

When I removed them from the dye - I placed them in the tin bucket and rinsed with water. Then I set them out to dry while other pieces where placed in the dye. I had an assembly line going!

One of my helpers inspecting everything.

This is my Lucky Brand shirt. Isn't this stage pretty?

 This is a pillow case. I plan to do an entire sheet set just for fun. :)

I put my Lucky Brand shirt back into the dye briefly to make it more blue.

That's all for today!
Check back tomorrow for more photos and final pictures - including the dresses that started this adventure! 

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