Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Visit to Grayton Beach

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a week in a huge beach house on Grayton Beach. Need I say more?

It was more than a "week at the beach". My daughter went with my friend's youth group, and I tagged along to cook the meals (well, most of them) for 13 youth.  I can't say anything but what an adventure to stay for 7 nights in a three-story house with these kids. We had a craft project for a children's shelter and on another day we went to a homeless mission to cook a meal and help in their clothing shop. The youth were amazing to get to know. They helped me in the kitchen, and we had many laughs over lots of silly things.  I cried when we walked the streets of Grayton singing Hillsong United's "Oceans", while their leaders prepared a special surprise for them at the house. It was a week like no other in both mine and my daughter's life, and got closer to one another over the week as well. God never disappoints. Here are some photos that need no words.

I entertained myself while on the beach by posting "celebrity" photos on my instagram. My friend were sad when my trip was over because they were getting a kick out of the, so I will be going on another trip soon, so if you like quirky stuff, follow me and see what this busy beach girl is up to this summer.

On the drive home, I had the idea to create a painting from the "Oceans" (Where Feet May Fail) song. Here is the painting, which I named "Take Me Deeper". It's mixed media. 

I am still painting more island / beach themed art. I''m currently taking commissions until August 15 for beach themed art (or any art, but right now my mind is on salt and sea). Thanks for stopping by!

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