Friday, August 5, 2011

Children's Art Workshop and Show`

It's been a busy week, and July was a busy month. Not only was I working on getting six BIG pieces ready for the Bistro show, I was getting new pieces ready for the bi-monthly art crawl. Last week I taught a children's art workshop and they also displayed their art during the art crawl. The local newspaper came and took lots of pics. You can see the gallery here: Art Workshop Online Gallery

I wanted to share a few pics from class here as well as the art show "Outside the Lines". They were so thrilled to see their creations hanging and the people coming in to see their art. Enjoy the pics and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Melanie,

    This post reminds me of another goal I didn't add to my Flying Lessons post--I want to teach painting/collage workshops for girls to help them positive, affirming art. Just don't know where to start with this!

  2. Jill - I'll be happy to help you get started. I wrote on your wall. :)