Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not in Kansas Anymore

My Alice in Wonderland obsession has taken a twist and turn, and I've been inspired creatively by the Wizard of Oz. I call the "Journey to Oz". You can see some of my previous pieces in this post .

My latest creation is called "Not In Kansas". My husband is convinced it's a self-portrait. It might be. I feel like I've been through a whirlwind of changes in the past couple of months, and I'm on a new path, hence the not in kansas title. Since I started getting back into the art world in the past 9 months, things have been very past-paced. But the one thing that has been constant is this - my collectors have been absolutely encouraging and enthusiastic and I couldn't ask for anything more. thank you!

So, back to "Not in Kansas". As with my "Alice" series paintings, this is a mixed media piece. When I was deciding on what I wanted Toto to look like, I went straight to the creator, Frank Baum, and was surprised to find that he didn't specify any particular breed. Well, I took that artistic license all the way to my love of dachshunds and decided that, at least in my new painting, that Toto would be a dachshund.

I used papers, rubs and alphabets from my scrapbook stash along with paint and paint sticks. I just love coming across cute phrases and sayings to use in my papercraft box to incorporate into my mixed media work.

I listed this in my etsy store yesterday, and decided, just for fun, to create this dachshund treasury. There are some really fun long dog goodies out there (just to warn you!)

Thanks for spending time here today. I've blogged more in the past week than I have in a long time. Have a great day!


  1. She's beautiful, you did a great job with her.

  2. Your art is so beautiful, love the colours and patterns. There so alive and vibrant. Sunshine!
    Thank you for coming over and leaving me a lovely message!

  3. Melanie,

    Your art is so beautiful! You are so great with color and intensity!! Loooooove it! I look forward to seeing more! :-)
    Kris Lanae

  4. beautiful - and you know I'm a HUGE WOZ fan.

    I found you girl!!!

  5. Melanie,

    I love your painting. She is gorgeous and the background is amazing:)


  6. Hi Melanie, I LOVE your art... I'm also a big fan of quotes & have recently started trying to incorporate them into my art. Your blog is lovely! Thanks for stopping by my Meow Bark Art blog yesterday.

  7. I love this! Welcome to the All Kinds of Artists Bloghop!

  8. Thank you everyone that came by and left such sweet comments! Coming from other artists, it really means alot. I've learned so much the past two weeks and gosh - have met so many wonderful kindred spirits! Happy Flying!!