Monday, September 12, 2011

Reach for the Stars

Have you ever been around someone that inspires you? Have you ever been around someone with what you would label as a "physical limitation" only to learn that the limitation in question is, ironically, their asset? My daughter and I spent a beautiful morning with one of the most fascinating people I've met. John Bramblitt lost his sight in 2001, and he is one of the most amazing artists ever... visual artist, that is. In order to understand this more, watch this video.

The Art of Living Gallery

John taught a workshop this past weekend. He challenged everyone to tap into their non-visual senses. To tap into the relationship of color and sounds, as well as tastes and textures. The students created while blindfolded. They listened to music and interpreted what they felt through color.

John sincerely went to each of the students and asked them to describe what they painted. He was genuinely interested in what color they used and why they used it. I will never create the same way again.

John's spectacular art will hang at the Old Post Office Museum in Winnsboro through the end of October. It's worth the drive to experience his work.

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  1. He is amazing. How wonderfully inspirational! No excuses for me not to hit the canvas - ha ha! Loved it. Thanks for sharing.