Saturday, June 29, 2013

Excited about the July 2013 Bayou Life Magazine

Sometimes life just surprises you in unexpected ways - suddenly. That's what happened earlier this month, when I was running errands in between driving my daughter to and from swim lessons. I got a message from one of the fabulous writers at Bayou Life Magazine - a local publication in our region - asking if they could feature me for their Bayou Artist. Of course, I said YES! (Then I secretly wondered if they had the right person!). I was so excited, that I didn't even want to tell anyone - just in case they made a mistake. I didn't even really tell my husband, who walked in on part of the interview - again, he didn't know! He knew it must have been important when I introduced Mary, though. I told two of my friends (neither of them artists) - just because I had to tell someone, then let it slip to hubby one day while chattering away. So I waited. Then when one of the girls that worked at the magazine told me it was delivered, I went to get a few copies. well, it depends on what your version of 'just a few' means.

Here is the fabulous cover - a photograph by local photographer Burg Ransom. He is one of the best local wildlife photographers in our region!

Here is my daughter with the article. She was the one person with me through the interview and photo shoot. She is a great secret keeper!

Here is the two-page spread (which I'm not sure if it's readable on this blog).
 P.S. I also 'dislike' seeing photos of myself... but it was required for the article!

I'm am over the moon excited about this feature, as I follow in the footsteps of some very impressive artists as well as talented people in other areas of the arts. I'm thankful to the team at Bayou Life Magazine for highlighting someone who is so many steps behind those that have been featured before me. Mary Napoli, you are a jewel!

Thanks for stopping by today, and have a wonderful weekend!

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