Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pets in the Art Studio

I admit it. I paint on the floor. I spread a large drop cloth on my studio floor and plop right down and spread everything out and create. Much like I did in grade school when I spread my crayons out and colored in my favorite coloring books. I don't think a table could be big enough to hold everything when I'm painting. The yellow is to my right, the white is under my leg, the blue is by the water container. It's just all right in reach.... Even though getting up is a slow process... It just works.

Sooo... Having said that, I have to add that I share my studio with a dachshund. A long bodied, short legged dachshund who loves to be where I am, and in the sunshine which streams into my studio. So is it a surprise that only a handful of times has she stepped IN my wet paint palette? She has, in fact, walked on top of a wet background on canvas before, which I think is adds to the texture. But walking in dark blue wet paint and tracking it on the floor (thankfully not carpet) doesn't work. I didn't get a photo of the blue paw prints because I was more concerned about cleaning her blue toes, but I did do an after photo, much like the shame photos you see on social media sights.

But there is no shame. It is what is is, my helper in my studio and a whoops moment. Who can resist at face?

This photo appears along with other pets in the studio in is weeks blog post at EBSQART. Check it out.

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