Monday, August 30, 2010

My Facebook Fan Page!

I know I've been a bad blogger!! I'm working hard on getting some new pieces created for a local art show in October.

Meanwhile, I've created a Facebook Fan page, so if you are on facebook and would like to be kept current on my art - please go there and select the "like" button. I already have over 200 fans and the pages is less than one week old. Thank you!

And I have some good news. Back in June I took a few art pieces to the Rougarou Bayou Gallery in New Orleans. I just found out last weekend that they sold one, and I have someone interested in another piece.

I'm sending two smaller pieces down there this week. Want a peek?

Midnight at the Cafe Dumonde
Size: 9" x 12"

Open All Night
9" x 12"

The good news is that the gallery also ships! So if you can't make it down there in person - you can call them. Their number is on their website.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll have more updates soon.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Alice at the Cafe Dumonde

Just a real quick post. I had a request from an old friend who loved the "Alice" painting. Along with a couple other special paintings, he requested an "Alice in New Orleans" painting. I immediately invisioned her at the Cafe Dumonde. It's one of my favorites. I plan to make one for myself soon.

Thanks for shopping by!!

(Images temporarily missing...will correct this later)