Thursday, April 26, 2012

Homegrown Celebrities - Duck Dynasy

I'm taking a swerve from the topic of art to share about one of our family's favorite new TV shows, Duck Dynasty. Duck Dynasty is filmed in our small-ish community, and so many of the places used for filming are places we are very familiar with. We sometimes see friends of ours in the scenes. The show is about a 30+ year old family-run business making duck calls. Yes, duck calls. For those of you that may not be from a hunting community, hunting is big - VERY big in Louisiana. I have heard women talk about being "hunting widows" when hunting season starts. I have been fortunate that my hubby hasn't been bit by the hunting bug, but I'm secretly envious of those that have a freezer full of venison in the fall. :)

So, if you get a chance, tune into A&E on Wednesday evenings at 9Central time. It's all FUN. Most of what you see is not really "reality" (they didn't really buy that vineyard), but it's so funny to watch because you never know what they will say.

The Robertson's family (the Duck Dynasty people) spoke at their local church recently and invited visitors to "Camo" day. I took my daughter who was so happy to be there. She met them and had a photo autographed.

My daughter with Willie and Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty.

May is going to be a busy month. Tomorrow night I'm attending an art auction for a local medical service clinic. I've donated a large 30" x 30" painting that will be used as a door prize. This was inspired by my recent trip to New Orleans.

I have one more event to attend in the next 10 days that will be quite fun, then I'm off to Dallas on May 19 for a huge art crawl. If you are in the Dallas area, check back for more details!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

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