Saturday, June 29, 2013

Excited about the July 2013 Bayou Life Magazine

Sometimes life just surprises you in unexpected ways - suddenly. That's what happened earlier this month, when I was running errands in between driving my daughter to and from swim lessons. I got a message from one of the fabulous writers at Bayou Life Magazine - a local publication in our region - asking if they could feature me for their Bayou Artist. Of course, I said YES! (Then I secretly wondered if they had the right person!). I was so excited, that I didn't even want to tell anyone - just in case they made a mistake. I didn't even really tell my husband, who walked in on part of the interview - again, he didn't know! He knew it must have been important when I introduced Mary, though. I told two of my friends (neither of them artists) - just because I had to tell someone, then let it slip to hubby one day while chattering away. So I waited. Then when one of the girls that worked at the magazine told me it was delivered, I went to get a few copies. well, it depends on what your version of 'just a few' means.

Here is the fabulous cover - a photograph by local photographer Burg Ransom. He is one of the best local wildlife photographers in our region!

Here is my daughter with the article. She was the one person with me through the interview and photo shoot. She is a great secret keeper!

Here is the two-page spread (which I'm not sure if it's readable on this blog).
 P.S. I also 'dislike' seeing photos of myself... but it was required for the article!

I'm am over the moon excited about this feature, as I follow in the footsteps of some very impressive artists as well as talented people in other areas of the arts. I'm thankful to the team at Bayou Life Magazine for highlighting someone who is so many steps behind those that have been featured before me. Mary Napoli, you are a jewel!

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pets in the Art Studio

I admit it. I paint on the floor. I spread a large drop cloth on my studio floor and plop right down and spread everything out and create. Much like I did in grade school when I spread my crayons out and colored in my favorite coloring books. I don't think a table could be big enough to hold everything when I'm painting. The yellow is to my right, the white is under my leg, the blue is by the water container. It's just all right in reach.... Even though getting up is a slow process... It just works.

Sooo... Having said that, I have to add that I share my studio with a dachshund. A long bodied, short legged dachshund who loves to be where I am, and in the sunshine which streams into my studio. So is it a surprise that only a handful of times has she stepped IN my wet paint palette? She has, in fact, walked on top of a wet background on canvas before, which I think is adds to the texture. But walking in dark blue wet paint and tracking it on the floor (thankfully not carpet) doesn't work. I didn't get a photo of the blue paw prints because I was more concerned about cleaning her blue toes, but I did do an after photo, much like the shame photos you see on social media sights.

But there is no shame. It is what is is, my helper in my studio and a whoops moment. Who can resist at face?

This photo appears along with other pets in the studio in is weeks blog post at EBSQART. Check it out.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Queens and Calico Cats

This has been a busy week. I'm teaching a basic "art 101" class focusing on drawing, shading/values, and using charcoal and pen and ink. I haven't used charcoal in several years, and stayed up late one night this week to create this demo.

I forgot how much fun it was to use. Watching my student work with it made me want to do some pieces with it.
Meanwhile - back in the art studio....I have been having fun with my "queen" series of paintings. My current one is a bit different - I covered the entire canvas with mixed pieces of patterned paper - then worked on top of it. It made a lot of texture (especially in her face) but it turned out really cool. It already has a new home with a kitty that looks just like this one, named "Lottie".

And I have one more bit of news. I'm now offering my art prints on Fine Art America. You can order various sizes, and even get art on canvas. I'm slowly adding pieces to it. Just go to Melanie Douthit Fine Art America.
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Choose Joy

Summer has officially arrived in the south. We already have filled our schedule with fun things like camp and theater. I'm teaching a beginning drawing art workshop next week, and will also be working on some more theater backgrounds. 

I enjoy the monthly challenges at Design Memory Crafts blog. This month we were challenged to create something about a lesson. Here is something good for everyone: Choose Joy.

This mixed media on wood piece used paint, scrapbook paper, stamps, Faber Castell markers, and stickers.

The outlines were done with a black Pitt pen.

Lots to do today. Thanks for stopping by. I have more art and images to share soon!