Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Art and Art News!

Gosh! My blog has been so badly neglected. I had well intentions on updating it about 3 weeks ago, but that was when my phase of "life interrupted" began!

We had a water pipe burst in our home two days after Christmas. So much for the Christmas after-glow! It has been 24 days since then and I've been forced to shove everything in the main living area of my house into boxes and out to the garage. I compare it to moving-without-notice, except that we haven't moved and everything is still in our bedrooms plus a whole-lotta-extra stuff. So..... today is the last day of the "restoration phase" if you call it. They are finishing up my new flooring today. Me and my husband repainted New Years Day. Talk about quick decisions on wall color plus floors. I hope I like my new house! What is exciting is that since everything has been moved out of the house, it gave me time to reflect how I want to set up my art studio - and I hope to streamline everything so its functionable and stylish. Crossing my fingers.

How about some art!!! This was a special commission from a high school friend for her niece, whose mother was also a high school friend. (are you confused?). She is a medical student at Tulane. She wanted a St. Charles Streetcar painting and she picked the colors. The number on the streetcar is actually the owner's birthday. And the verdict - they all loved it. I couldn't post it before Christmas because I didn't want to ruin the surprise. It's 4" x 3".

"930 St. Charles Streetcar"
Acrylic on Canvas, 4" x 3"
Artist: Melanie Douthit

I have some exciting news on the local scene. On January 1 I joined Mystic Art Gallery located in Downtown Monroe, along with 5 other artists. Our first art crawl together is Thursday, February 3 on Art Alley from 5-9pm. A few weeks ago we found a new and larger location for a studio just over the river from our present studio. We will be open during the week, as opposed to the current "by appointment only". I'll update soon with our name and exact location. Things are still in the works, but SO exciting.

So, please come out Feb 3 to the Art Crawl. I'm working on Mardi Gras themed art and won't post the images here until after the crawl. You will want to be the first to see the work, so come on out!