Monday, July 1, 2013

Starting off This Week Full Throttle

Happy July! I'm starting this Monday full blast. I had to take some things to the post office, so just for fun, we stopped by the Duck Dynasty warehouse. Can you believe that we live just a couple miles away and haven't stopped by. (Gasp?)

We didn't stay long, and off we went to run errands.

I finished a new piece Saturday. It's 30" x 40" and my daughter named it "Over the Rainbow". It's similar to my "Summertime Blues" painting. It's available if anyone is interested. Just message me thru my website or facebook page.

 "Over the Rainbow" by Melanie Douthit

I got the sweetest commission this weekend. I was asked to put a hidden message in a piece. I'll be starting it tomorrow. I'm also working on a very fun project that I hope turns out. More on that in the weeks to come.

Thanks for stopping by today!