Friday, June 29, 2012

Gone Duck Wild!

If you are a Duck Dynasty fan, you know that it is filmed in Louisiana. Even more, it's filmed in my own town. Not that this has ANYTHING to do with this painting - it just LOOKS like it was influenced by the show. In fact, right after Christmas I was contacted by a friend overseas (yes, she lives in Europe) about a special painting for a gift. She didn't need it for a few months, and so it helped me get even more inspired when Duck Dynasty started coming on A&E.

Here's my "Duck Decoy" painting. It's 48" x 24. The ducks in the water are decoys, with the ducks flying in. I love the way the sunset sparkles on the water.

I'm working on brand spanking new art for an upcoming solo show! I'm so excited. If you haven't found my page on facebook, please "like" it and keep up with my sneak peeks!

I will try to update here more frequent than I have. I can't believe this month is almost over! Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, June 11, 2012

June Art Crawl at The River Gallery

I have been out of the studio for over a week. Hubby and I have been redecorating our master suite (yes, I said suite because there is also a sitting area) and I haven't had time for much else except maybe a few summer movies. (by the way, Madagascar 3 is adorable). I'm trying to get two new paintings finished as well as plan and decorate for a girls night at my house this week. I thought June was going to be a slow month. Not so!! Anyhoo.....
The Downtown Art Alliance Gallery Crawl was last week as well as Downtown River Jam across the river in downtown Monroe. Our gallery (Ouachita River Art Gallery AKA The River Gallery) had live music by Steve Cagle, keyboardist for Eddie and the Party Rockers.  (those are my paintings in the background)

 Our featured artist this month is wood turner Rusty Patterson.
 It was good to see so many friends stop by and make new friends.

 And hanging out with artists  musicians is fun, too.


I'll be back soon with more new art! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.