Saturday, May 30, 2015

Last week's Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour Concert in Bossier City Louisiana

Last week my daughter and I went to the Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour concert in Bossier City, Louisiana. It as the first US city for the tour. How exciting. We met up with some friend's outside and took some pics with the tour truck in the background. There were lots of folks taking pics like this.

We were soooo lucky to have gotten tickets. They sold out in seconds the first day. It was in November, so I gave them to by daughter as a Christmas gift. Our seats were very high in the second tier and for some reason, this is the only concert I have attended and sat up high that people stood up. and never sat back down........ ever. Some did, but if people in front of you stand - you can't see. The second tier is at such a slope that standing for prolonged periods of time is uncomfortable. Plus if you have a purse - you have to stand AND hold it? When Taylor was talking about her personal struggles.... there were two ladies behind us talking - quite loudly.... I almost videoed them to post - so people could be shocked... but I didn't want to be THAT mean. So I told me daughter to follow me. We went to the lower level and found two seats - asked if anyone was sitting there - and (shock) they were free. A sold out concert..... and empty seats. Yeah for us. The people on this level were all sitting and we enjoyed the show. Her platform that raised and extended was right in front of us. So nice. Here are a few pics.

She only sang two songs from previous albums. This is my fourth time to see her, my daughter's third. I do miss the older style, but she's a fabulous entertainer, and as an artist, I understand changing and exploring. I mean, we would have been there three more hours if she covered all her songs. It was great. She went to Baton Rouge, Louisiana two days later and I enjoyed seeing more of my friends post photos from that concert.

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