Thursday, July 30, 2015

Scratch That off my Bucket List

If I actually DID have a bucket list and it had a "see in concert" section, the top of that section would be The Eagles. So I got wind of them coming to "a city near me" in March and low and behold my sweet hubby got seats as soon as they went on sale. I had no idea HOW BADLY I wanted to go until a few days before the concert. Two nights before I couldn't sleep and went on Instagram and saw photos and video from that night's concert in Little Rock. I also found out that they didn't want anyone taking video or photos. Most of the concerts I attend allow non SLR camera's and I have a great zoom on my point and shoot and my photos are fabulous. I read why the band had the rule - so people will ENJOY the concert without distractions. They also asked that people remain seated. I really liked that. So I was free to enjoy the concert without worrying about getting the "perfect" shot.

This is hubby and me riding in our friend's van on the way to Bossier City to eat dinner before the concert.

And the image on the video screen before it started.

They played 27 songs. They opened with "Saturday Night" (one of my favorites, but if you never listened to their entire albums, you wouldn't know it). People behind me were talking. Did they realize that this was NOT an opening act? Come on. Next was "Train Leaves Here This Morning". I wasn't familiar with this song until the morning of the concert. I read the song list and it was the only one I didn't know - so I listened to it before the concert. The fifth song was Doolin' Dalton and during the "history" video telling about how the song and "Desperado" album came about,  the loud talker started up again. I missed most of the video because I actually turned around and asked him to "please" . Please was all I said with a praying hand motion. He stopped for most of the concert. Folks, please educate your friends and children about concert (and theater) etiquette. People are paying for their seat to hear the music, singers and/or performers. It's not a ballgame. It's not an outdoor festival. You sit down and shut up. I'm seriously considering starting a social media sight and post photos of all the venue loudmouths that I'm seated around. Please don't be on that sight.

So, at some point during the first few songs - I had a "moment" of awe that brought tears to my eyes. Wow is all I can say. Watching the members, hearing the history. Just wow. And I broke the rules. I had to have a photo. A photo to remind myself that it was real. That I was there. That they were there.

From far left to right: Bernie Leadon, Timothy B. Schmidt, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, Stuart Smith (guitarist..not from orignal band), and in the back on drums, Don Henley.

Our seats were on the 2nd level, so my photo isn't very good, but there is my memory.

The encore songs were Hotel California, Take It Easy, Rocky Mountain Way, then Desperado. They took their final (and not only was this their final "History of the Eagles" tour, but who knows if it is their last as a band - every) bow of the night, walked to each side of the stage with house lights up and waved, and waved ... walked and waved.... and the last set of tears streamed down my face. The crowd left their seats and lined up to get out of the very crowded Centurytel Center in Bossier and me and my husband sat in our seats and just let it soak in what we just spend three hours listening to.

and... because I had absolutely no room on my phone - my husband broke a few rules. He recorded a couple of the encore songs for me. Out of respect to my favorite band, I won't post it here, but I have the file - for myself - to replay and remember.

Good night.

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