Thursday, August 13, 2015

I Love Going Coastal

I love going to the Gulf Coast. There's something truly amazing about the waves crashing to the shore. I love to take my dime store beach chair (the kind that you can put in the water) with me and sit and sit for hours until the sun sets.

I was blessed to go with over 75 ladies from our area for a Peace, Love and Girlfriends Beach Retreat.(Just days after a weekend in Hot Springs with family) We stayed a beautiful condo on Orange Beach, were pampered by the most amazing women who left treats on our pillows every time we left the room, and shared fun times.

One our last night, we ventured to Lulu Buffet's Restaurant in Gulf Shores. Can you tell we are all from the same group? lol.

We closed our retreat with a fun get together in one of the conference rooms where we performed fun skits and shared girlfriend time.

I never get tired of beach umbrellas, beautiful beach homes, and walking along the shore picking up seashells.

This is just one of the fun photos I took and sent to hubby throughout the week. I call this one "Waiting for sunset".

And there it is...... beautiful sunsets. I love the reflections in the water.

We just secured a beautiful rental in the 30A area of Florida for another girls weekend in 2016.

Meanwhile, I'm getting ready for cooler weather, fall activities and chipping away at art orders that have been piling up. I'm going to make a point to update my blog more often than once a month. If you haven't found me on facebook or instagram - be sure to follow me there for daily posts.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

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