Thursday, May 10, 2012

Painting with Don Cincone

The Ouachita River Art Gallery recently hosted an art workshop. A group of local artists spend 4 days painting with internationally known artist, Don Cincone earlier this month. Don's paintings are in the collection of many high profile people (such as the late Walt Disney). His background includes fashion design as well as painting and teaching. It was a privilege to be able to glean from his wisdom. His biography is fascinating. It's well worth the time reading it.

Mr. Cincone worked with each of the artists on "their own style". He focused on creativity and stressed that copying art is not creating - but creating something out of nothing is.
On the second day, we brought some of our artwork that we had previously completed for a critique. We all talked about what we liked about each other's art work. This also helped Mr. Cincone see our unique style which further helped him in directing us. Having him look at my previous art and hearing feedback from him on what he "saw" was extremely beneficial to me. It was probably the single most important information for me personally from this workshop. In a sense, it gave me a license to "continue to be me".
In addition, hearing him speak to each artist about their work was also beneficial. I learned hearing him talk about each piece, each person's style, and how they can use this to further develop their art.
He recommended various artists to study as well as books to read that may or may not have anything to do with art directly. He is a wealth of information.
We plan to have him back again - very soon! Everyone enjoyed their week together.

And on a sidenote, I'm the featured artist today on the Mixed Media May website! Check it out. There is a new featured artist every day this month.

Happy painting and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I have a Don Cincone painting 24" x 36" from 1966, entitled "The Wayside." The original label is inside the back of the frame. With time passing and no one to leave it to, I would be interested in selling it.

    Ralph C. Merwin 870-743-9355