Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mini Art with Mixed Media

One of the "fun" play time things I do in my studio is create mini art with mixed media. I used to be a scrapbooking addict, and have oodles of papers and embellishments that I haven't used. I love finding creating ways to use them. One of my favorite size is 5"x5" (or 6x6). I spent the afternoon in my studio "playing" with my scrappy supplies, so here is a look at what I made.

The first project was a special request from someone. They had specific colors and words they wanted. That is helpful because it helped me choose papers and embellishments quickly.

I used patterned papers and sheet music for the background. I used a border sticker on the side (I cut it down the middle to give the scalloped look), and chevron washi tape. The pink shape at the top is part of a scalloped card stock photo frame. (Mixed media will make you look at your stash in a new way). The flower petal was part of a feather duo... I removed the feather. I had purchased a package of fabric flower shapes specifically for mixed media art as well as the mini alphabets, but the rest of the stash was from my stash. I used a background stamp around the edges (carefully covering the center of the image) and alphabet stamps and other items to create texture on the surface with ink and paint. I used a waterproof black pen to draw the stitches on the flower. 

The next fun piece is a redo of one I made last year. 

I used various patterned papers and tissue paper (from a sewing pattern) on the background. I painted the sky and defined the mountains. I used a border sticker on the bottom. The tree is torn from a cardboard box (tear away the top layer to reveal the cool texture). I drew the bird and treetop shapes on the back of the papers and cut out. The background has random texture stamped with paint and ink. I used a multi alphabet stamp (larger than the one used in the precious project) on the image. A waterproof ink pen ( I used the Scarlet Lime doodle pen here) to define the clouds, treetop, bird and flowers. 

For those of you that are local, I am teaching a mixed media class beginning in May. (As of this writing there is only one spot left). I will be posting projects on my blog to give you an idea of the type of supplies and techniques we will be using.

Besides our local Hobby Lobby, many of the supplies I use in these projects can be purchased online at Emmas Paperie or Scarlet Lime

I hope you have been inspired! Thanks for stopping by. 

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