Friday, May 23, 2014

A is for Angel Mixed Media

I am half way into my summer mixed media workshop and just demonstrated using textiles in mixed media. The students are enjoying creating mixed media surfaces using papers, stencils and paint.

Here are a couple of photos of student work in progress.

I am so proud of and inspired by these ladies! They have each absorbed what they were taught and applied it to their own ideas and just "let it go" (the theme of our adventure).

I had prepared this background in our previous class and brought it back to show them the steps I take in building my images after the first layer.

I have a pack of mini alphabet cards that I have decided to put to use. I have had them forever. I decided to use "a" for angel.

I lightly drew my angel girl, then outlined her with black. While she was drying, I added paint to the background. Next, I adhered cheesecloth to her dress with Golden's matte medium. I had brought a paper doily that I thought would make great wings, but I also had some leaf shapes, so I was trying on her "wings" when one of the students said, "Use both"! What a great idea, and in the spirit of "letting it go" , I did, and I love the look. I also didn't stress about perfectly placing the "wings" and as you can see they are not symmetrical, which I think adds to her charm. 

Next I mixed some paint to make a flesh color and painted her skin. I stopped at this point so the students could create. A few days later I pulled her out and even though I liked her at this point, I wanted to adjust her legs and do a few more things.

I used paint, stencils and rub ons to finish her up. I took the rest of the doily and out it on top, and fond a chipboard glitter heart in just the right size to add to her hands. She now awaits a new owner.

Our class has been enjoying various art products, but especially those provided by Golden Paints Seconds Program. No matter what age my student are, I introduce them to high quality art products because it truly does make a difference. 

The Downtown Gallery Crawl in Monroe and West Monroe is June 5. I recently became the secretary for this Downtown Arts Alliance, the hosts of the crawl, and am excited about the wonderful things on the horizon. If you are in Northeast Louisiana, come out. You can even shop because the Antique Alley Association shops on Trenton Stree will be open till 9pm as well as have artists displaying in their stores. The trolley will be running for free to take you to all the galleries so make a night of it.

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  1. Love the angel canvas! Her wings and chipboard heart are adorable!