Thursday, January 12, 2012

Art Reception and Scrapbook Clippings

My art reception was this past Saturday, and the weather was warm and bright and sunny. What a blessing for a weekend in January. I propped the doors open and we hung flower balloons on the sidewalk, which appropriately matched the flower shaped sugar cookies. Three of the new pieces I created for the show sold, along with the Mardi Gras dachshund painting that someone had put in the window display. Thank you to all my friends and family and collectors that came out. I even got to see one of my former art students from 10 years ago - all grown up! Here are a few pics from the event.

After reading the comments left in my guest book, I now describe my art style as:
"Happy art with a twist of funky"  

(just so you know)

I was pleasantly surprised that my hometown newspaper not only included the information about the show and reception in their paper, but they took up almost half a page for it - and in color! This page is definitely going in the scrapbook.

If you are out and about, please stop by the Ouachita River Art Gallery this month to see the show. One of the sold pieces is still there (the collector generously offered to let it hang for the next few weeks). The gallery is at 308 Trenton Street (Antique Alley), West Monroe, open Tues-Sat 10-5pm.

If you haven't already seen the artists' blog hop I recently participated in, scroll down to my previous blog entry for New Year's inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!

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  1. This is so exciting! Congratulations on your event being such a success. I'm in love with your happy artwork!